Current Services
Routing A-Z international outgoing TDM voice traffic from ANS operators to IGWs.
Routing international incoming TDM voice traffic from IGWs to ANS operators.
Routing inter-operator domestic TDM voice traffic for ANS and IPTSP.
Routing short-code based voice traffic.
Future Services
ENUM, IMEI and Number Portability.
Special code number, Emergency number and Call Center number routing.
Hosting of VAS operators.
Video calling and other 3G services.
Customer Service
24.7.365 availability of skilled engineers to resolve all issues prompty and courteously.
Experienced back office team to quickly recover from any disaster.

On-Premise Security

Multilevel access control with proximity reader.
24.7.365 professional security personnel on duty.
Core Technology
Switching system is based on latest NGN platform from Huawei which supports all standard protocols and codecs.
1+1 redundant architecture guarantees uptime and reliability.

Datacom and Transmission

Highly reliable and advanced Datacom and Transmission equipment from Huawei.
1+1 redundant architecture.
99.999% uptime ensured through redundant fiber links from NTTN operators.
Advance interconnection billing software from Infozech.
Highly accurate and leakage proof.
Analytical tools for advanced reporting.
Secondary billing system deployed for revenue assurance.
Power Supply
Redundant power supply equipment by Argus DC Power, Canada.
8 hour Battery Backup for all equipment.
Caterpillar Engine Generator from U.S.A.